Pauline Leiker

Yoga Instructor
Pauline Leiker


  • 200 hours with My Vinyasa Practice- Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)


Q: How did you get started with teaching yoga?
A: My love for meditation drew me into yoga. I began to experience the benefits of the practice. Then during one of my sessions, I felt called to be a source to these amazing tools. I then knew my purpose in life was to go out and share these practices and knowledge with others, so that they can learn what a gift yoga is as well.
Q: What is your favorite part about teaching yoga?
A: My favorite part about teaching yoga is when I get to see the shift that occurs in my clients from the beginning of class to the end of it. You can see that a client has the weight of the world on their shoulders when starting class and then after class- they feel relaxed and revived, ready to tackle their day with peace and grace.
Q: Who is yoga for?
A: Yoga is for everyBODY! Yoga is great for all body types and ages. The benefits of yoga include but are not limited to: increased flexibility, muscle strength, and tone, improving in respiration, energy and vitality, creating a balanced mind and metabolism, allowing yourself to get in tune with your own body. I would love to have you come into one of my classes to get you started on your journey.

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