Curtis Franklin

Curtis Franklin


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified


  • Bachelor's Exercise Science, Arkansas State University


Q: What is your favorite part about training others?
A: My favorite part of training has to be seeing the excitement in clients when they push themselves beyond their limits. Whether it's performing an extra rep or hitting a new PR. The gratification I get from seeing the clients overcome those mental barriers. The confidence they gain in their abilities and their determination to push themselves helps keep me motivated and fuels my passion in training others!
Q: What is your favorite nutritional tip?
A: Boost the Protein Intake! Protein intake is essential for repairing and building that muscle tissue. Especially after the INTENSE workouts at Title 29!
Q: What is your favorite thing about T29?
A: The family- like atmosphere, I get from my co-workers and members. The energy within the gym is always positive and welcoming. We ALL push, support, and celebrate each other in the gym, which in return I feel creates an encouraging and motivating environment. From a High Five after finishing a round or a simple "Keep Pushing" during an intense set. The intersection among coworkers and members brings a sense of unity!

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